30 Red Dresses

Book Title: 30 Red DressesAuthor: Johan TwissFormat: Kindle My Thoughts:Some stories awaken the sleeping conscience. This is one such novella that pricked my brain. This is the story of little Veata, an eight-year-old girl, looked after her Uncle in the most terrible manner, undergoes a lifetime experience of being trapped in the sex trade. The … Continue reading 30 Red Dresses

Quills – Feelings Within

Book Title: Quills - Feelings WithinAuthor: Shivani Garg PartiFormat: Kindle My Thoughts:Poetry is one of the strongest art forms used to perfectly portray a person's inner feelings. The muse can be anyone or anything, but the words take a magical turn once moulded by a poet. It is no wonder that a poem of 2 … Continue reading Quills – Feelings Within

Written on the wind

Book Title: Written on the windAuthor: Anuradha Kumar JainFormat: Paperback My Thoughts:Anuradha Kumar Jain's story represents the women who belonged to the times when the country was ruled by the British. This creates a gloomy atmosphere because there was no freedom. Apart from individual liberty as a human in physical form, there is no much … Continue reading Written on the wind

The Impeccable Integrity of Ruby R.

Book Title: The Impeccable Integrity of Ruby R.Author: Moni MohsinFormat: Kindle My Review:This is my first novel by Moni Mohsin, a famous for her books like The Diary of a Social Butterfly, which is the musings of a society airhead whose life revolves around shopping, gossip and partying, was a fun read. This book was highly acclaimed … Continue reading The Impeccable Integrity of Ruby R.


Book Title: IndiansAuthor: Namit AroraFormat: Kindle My Thoughts:India's history and culture are dynamic that dates back to the point when human civilisation has begun. It begins with a mysterious culture along the Indus River and the farming communities in India's southern lands. India's history is a mix and match of migrating people and integration of … Continue reading Indians

Whiskey And Suicide: And other stories

Book Title: Whiskey And Suicide: And other storiesAuthor: Manik BalFormat: Kindle Book Title:The title of the book ' Whiskey and Suicide ' is interesting and novel. Book Cover:The book's cover image is a man standing on the edge of a high-raised place that correctly explains the title. My review:This book by author Manik Bal is … Continue reading Whiskey And Suicide: And other stories