Pediatric to Geriatric Everybody lives by selling something


Book Title: Pediatric to Geriatric Everybody lives by selling something

About the Author:
Nirupam Acharjee. (B.Sc., PGDBM) Born in North Eastern (NE) part of India (Silchar – Assam), educated in NE, Shillong & Kolkata (B.Sc with major in Physics & PGDBM) I had extensively traveled in the North East of India. Subsequently, for professional purposes traveled across India and in the process got exposed to various cultures and traditions of India. Working as a National Sales Manager of an Indian MNC, also had extensive experience in marketing, new product launches, CRM, direct and indirect selling, Recruitment and Man Power Management. Built experience on the “tricks of the trade” from first-hand knowledge. A blending of theoretical knowledge with practical and real-time on job lessons contributed to a rich experience. Believer of not “Knowledge is Power” but “Knowledge is Power…………when Applied”.

About the book:
“It’s all about “”Self-Selling”” …………. This is a work to strategies self-promotion, self-marketing. Everybody does self-promotion or self-marketing, consciously or unconsciously. But doing it knowingly (consciously) can make a great difference. Stepping into the future confidently is a great idea. But that needs forecasting the future, diagnosing and negating the probable risk of the future. This book discusses planning and crafting a self-guided road map to future taking into consideration one’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats, drawing lines between important and urgent assignments, evaluating one’s potential and latent talent, negating fear of rejection. The best way to forecast the future is to create it. The purpose of this compendium is to evaluate oneself, bring in required changes, understand failures and course correction as may be required to explore and enter the future with one’s own inherent expertise and calculations rather than blindly guided by some astrologer or professional consultant. External help can always be taken. But creating a road map all by oneself having evaluated and crafted the internal self to adapt to external changes can always be rewarding and exciting. One will have the satisfaction of being the successful architect and owner of the future. Some important tools needed to craft one’s internal self & draw the road map to the future had extensively been discussed in the book. Learn from “”failures”” to widen the gate to success by negating the failures. Relevant information and “”Do’s”” and “”Don’ts”” had been elaborated to be contemporarily important and relevant to the society, professional world and family, as may be applicable.

My Review:
‘Everybody lives by selling something’, this statement was coined back in the late 1800s by Robert Louis Stevenson. It shows how everyone needs to consider selling as part of their life either it is personal or professional. It doesn’t matter what your work is, hairdresser, accountant, lawyers, engineers, trade, everyone. We all live by selling something and this is absolutely true. The concept of the barter system in life is very much an important aspect.

In our lives, we are all exchanging things of value. Whether what we exchange is of value to others should be determined through effective communication, open dialogue, and trust. We all need to sell our work, exchange it for something. You need clients that need your services, or product. You might have an idea or project and need to convince your colleagues to buy into it. You might be looking for a job and therefore selling yourself to companies. The same applies to everyone in their personal lives.

The author starts off the book with the theme of communication and the importance of communication in life. He also quotes that this selling starts during the infant stage with the baby’s smile or the cry. Types and modes of communication are very well explained. The importance of verbal or non-verbal communication is explained very effectively. Also, the various types of barriers in communications are explained in detail.

The author then focuses on many types of organizational structures where self-selling is the main aspect. In the corporate world or in the advertising world or in the glamour world in fact, everywhere around the world, each one tries to self-promote or self-market themselves either voluntarily or involuntarily. The miracles and greater results can be often experienced if this strategy is followed with a best laid out plan.  Because every action has an equal and opposite reaction. And thus when trying out on a greater scale, the risks and dangers can be anticipated and sought out with conscious self-selling. This point is very well described in the book by the author with ample examples, facts, and figures. Author Nirupam also quotes that this forecast can be a measure to check one’s capability and confidence. Great and famous people and their introduction are also mentioned in the book. Leaders like Roosevelt, Lincoln, Napoleon, etc are mentioned.

The book then emphasizes tools like S.W.O.T analysis which is used to identify and make the most of what exists, to the organization’s best advantage. The artifacts like brand names, slogans and tag lines used by companies that help in self-marketing are discussed in detail. Also, the importance of logos, the colors used in logos and their effect on people are explained very practically with examples. The process of designing, modeling, and marketing of brands is exhaustively illustrated. When comes to products and appliances the aspects of direct and indirect selling are very well illustrated. The example of LED Tv was the most fascinating. As a normal person, no one will ever have seen the other side of marketing that which Author Nirupam showed.

This extensive book of over 300 pages also gives great information about various achievers and awardees. The book is an encyclopedia of understanding the world around us. It is a highly recommended book.

My Rating: 5/5

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