Accidentally Ever After


Book Title: Accidentally Ever After
Author: Mariyam Hasnain

Book Title:
The title of the book ‘ Accidentally Ever After ‘ is dark and intense.

Book Cover:
The cover image of the book is a picture of a couple passionately embracing each other.

My review:
The story is about Vikram, a man with extremely flaunting and Casanova personality. He accidentally meets Natasha at a nightclub. An unknown string of attraction develops between them. It rarely happens that such instant encounters prove a harmonious life after. Most of such meetings end up on a sour note for various reasons. Also, some relationships end up abruptly without leaving any trace of the identity of the people involved.  Vikram faces the same situation with Natasha. They happen to meet again after a few days. Will Vikram confront with her? Will they feel the same attraction feeling even now? What does their second meeting yield?

Read this short, sweet, raunchy, saucy and sensual thought-provoking story to unearth the mystery.

What I like:
1. A new generation story
2. The concept of relationships outside the marriage is shown interestingly
3. The dark emotions are well illustrated
4. Very predictable story but the narration kept the reading interest intact.
5. The sensuality and the silk smooth feelings are very beautifully
6. The thrill quotient as the story progresses is quotable.
7. The character of Vikram is though realistic the sapiosexual personality is quite impressive.
8. The instant relations and their complexities are described very coherently.

What I didn’t like:
At some places as the plotline is predictable, there was a drop in the reading speed.

All the characters in the story are very well built with appealing personalities.

Mariyam’s books are always comfortable to read with ample amounts of entertainment quotient. There are many places where a reader will smile or shy or get nostalgic.

Language & Grammar:
A simple and clear language is used in the book.

My Final Verdict:
Petals of love and romance!

Book Title: 3/5
Book Cover:
Language & Grammar:
Final Rating:



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