The Crossfire Of Love


Book Title: The Crossfire Of Love
Author: Dhiren Tiwari

Book Title:
The title of the book ‘ The Crossfire Of Love ‘ is intriguing and deep.

Book Cover:
The cover image of the book is the picture of a young woman from the back facing greenery from a window.

About the author:
Dhiren is based out of US and co-pilots plotting stories, along with a full-time leadership role which includes re-thinking future of the world, and M&A. Often spotted at airports, he’s a compulsive traveler (not by choice) and clocks over 2 lakh miles every year. He is also the author of Punk Sunk Love which was selected at the New York-based IAAC Literary festival in 2016.

About the book:
After ten long years, a twenty-something Amaan reluctantly comes back to his once-thriving-now-desolate kingdom, Attanooga, to fulfill his mother’s last wish of a hometown funeral. Saira is a journalist, but her job for the past five years has been the same – a beautiful bait to expose famous people with demented habits. Strangely, her memories of the past come to her like an out of order puzzle – whether it’s of her estranged mother, her one true hate, or the broken heart because of her break-up with Amaan years ago. Trapped in failing ambition and marshy relationships, Saira gets a rare chance to resurrect both, when she’s chosen to lead a special feature on the life and times of the late queen, Amaan’s mother. Determined to get her career and life in order at all costs, would her scheming deception end her misery or swallow her into a sinkhole where lines between blood and dreams aren’t to be trusted. Read on to find what happens when they are caught in The Crossfire of Love.

My review:
The story is about a young woman Saira, who is also a journalist with her past and native stationed at Attanooga. She works with the team which is nationally famous for exposing indecent people in power through secret sting operations. Her male counterpart Neil who is also her boss and pleasure partner often gives Saira a sense of insecurity. One fine day their boss calls up Saira and assigns her a high profile case related to the royal family of Attanooga. A boomerang of feelings and memories hit her. On the other side Amaan, the youngest in the Royal family is mentally disturbed by his mother’s death. There is some dark truth behind her death is what always pops before the brothers. Does the unveiling of the dark truth effect Saira in her career and personal life? Does her past also contain Amaan?

What I like:
1. The mystery and entertainment quotient is well retained till the end of the story.
2. A unique plot
3. The author’s writing style is very much appreciated.
4. The twists and turns in the story are well scripted.

What I didn’t like:
Nothing is to be disliked.

The story has many characters. Some are critical and some are just for the sake. Saira’s character is strong when as a journalist, elusive as Neil’s lover and fragile as a innocent woman. Amaan’s character is at times innocent, mysterious sometimes and questionable sometimes. The author has created other characters also with interesting traits.

A very engaging and interesting narration is found in the story.

Language & Grammar:
A very fine-tuned language with rich vocabulary is found in the story.

My Final Verdict:
Thrilling and mind stirring story

Book Title: 4/5
Book Cover:
Language & Grammar:
Final Rating:



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