Book Title: Infinity

Book Title: The title ‘Infinity’ is evolving and spiritual

Book Cover: The cover image represents all the seven chakras with the complete bloomed lotus on the top with an infinite loop of vibration wave.

My Review: Ever since I have completed my school and college life and entered into work life, a new element and guest in life was ‘ stress ‘. This element of stress has no particular shape or smell but has a lot of energy-draining features. Unaware of the ways to deal with the stress there were ample moments of despair and emotional outburst. I found myself in the middle of the crossroads without a direction to go forward. I was lost in the world and started hating myself along with everyone. This was during the years 2006 – 2007. My irritating behavior often was noticed by my parents and my fiancée. Then my fiancée introduced me with the book of ‘ Paramahamsa Yogananda ‘. Though during my childhood there was a situation at home where my daddy used to meditate regularly and was a dutiful follower of Shri. CVR Murthy and Sadhguru, somewhere while growing I lost the focus. Coming to my story, the book ‘ Yogi ‘ had a great impact.

I consciously took a decision to meditate for at least 10 minutes in whichever way possible. Once the process started, my mind and body responded positively and then changes happened. I became a more positive person and started attracting good things around me.  Then I started my journey as a seeker and thus ended up reading many books related to ‘ spirituality ‘. The books by Swami Rama, Swami Sukhbodahananda, Swami Yukteshwar and Sadhguru of ISHA have had a great impact. And thus my interest in spiritual studies has grown rampantly.

This change in me as seeker brought in more and more questions about soul, karma, reincarnations, positive and negative thoughts, our behaviour towards the situations. In this book author Minal has very interestingly and coherently explained the concepts of soul, karma and karmic memories that which are important in the concept of reincarnation. Starting from the book cover that represents Ida, Pingala and Seven chakras till the virtues one must inculcate to lead a complete life until the crown chairs gets activated is being explained very well.

I can say that this is one of the recent books in spirituality and self talk which stands number one and is highly recommended.