How I Met You

Book Title: How I Met You
Author: Sri Chinnamatur
Format: Kindle

Book Title:
The title of the book is ‘ How I Met You ‘ is catchy, soulful and fascinating

Book Cover:
The cover image of the book is a beautiful painting of a couple standing on the footpath, the girl holding an umbrella as it is raining and the guy standing beside her.

My review:
The story starts off with two parted friends Ram and Vishal during college times at Mumbai airport. It so happens that both of them are from absolute contrast fields in work and their meeting becomes interdependent upon each one’s lives.Vishal is an Indian film story writer, an exhausted person with losing the charm of producing great stories. He is in quest of a love story that can be entitled to a movie name with Karan. He plans to meet Karan to discuss his story. His flight gets delayed and that’s when he happens to meet his old friend Ram, a successful entrepreneur. Both friends reintroduce each other and jump into personal lives where Ram quotes that he married his lady love.

Being smitten by that phrase, Vishal asks Ram to narrate his whole story. This is the point in the book which transforms the readers into a new world. Ram’s world of love and life.Ram’s life is a lesson to every individual who wants to transform their life into a meaningful purpose. From the deliberate student who dreams to capture the horizon to an arrogant rich young man, the character of Ram is illustrated with many shades.

Though his personality often changes according to the situations, one thing that remained till the end of the story is his unconditional love towards that girl whom he saw in the traffic one day. Named as Angel eyes, indirectly she acts as a driving force in Ram’s success.Many female characters in the story often are involved with Ram which at some places may plant a seed of doubt about his integrity.

But, the author Sri has very carefully woven the story and at no point Ram can be mistaken. He is just humane and very strong in his thoughts. Another important person in the story who brought a big difference in Ram’s life is his father. His character is so well written that every reader can identify one’s own or the person who shaped up their lives.With an interesting plot that has many ups and downs in the life of Ram, the author has presented his readers with an attractive story of love and life. The ending of the story though was predictable brought a smile on my face.

What I like:
1. The story is written and narrated in the first person which makes it an interesting tale.
2. Every chapter has a takeaway in the sense of morals and values which is rare while penning a romantic story.
3. The theme of unconditional love is illustrated very beautifully.
4. There are many elements that point out towards the society, the prevalent problems and human responsibility to understand them.
5. The concept of NGOs and social welfare organizations mentioned in the book are very relatable.
6. Many times as a reader there were moments where I felt this story must also be visually reproduced as such stories must be propagated.
7. Many subplots present in the story act as beautiful flowers of a garland creating more interest as the story progresses.
8. Mentioning the great singer Kishore Kumar was the icing on the cake.
9. The problems usually faced by individuals who dream to set up companies in big cities are illustrated well.

What I didn’t like:
1. At some places, I felt the length of the story might be a concern.
2. The number of characters mentioned in the story created a sense of exhaustion as there is a need to remember every character.

Including the protagonist Ram, every character is very carefully scripted and placed in the plot of the story. With many intrinsic details, all the other characters are plotted very nicely. The character of Shiva and Subbarao fascinated me a lot.

The narration in the first person made the story much more readable. From chapter 1, it was apparent that the reader will definitely become a live spectator of the narration. At many places, I transformed myself into Vishal who was listening to Ram’s story.Though there is a lot of drama, few events mentioned in the story seemed very realistic. For example, life in Engineering college struggles to clear exams to study M.S. in the USA, the lifestyle changes, etc. I was more inclined towards the places in the story as I also hail from Hyderabad and it was a surreal moment to visualize those places.

Language & Grammar:
Easy language with simple vocabulary is found in the story. The only drawback could be readers from places who are not used to Telugu lingo may find it difficult to immerse themselves in the story.

My Final Verdict:
Love, love, and love!

Book Title: 4/5
Book Cover: 4/5
Plot: 4/5
Characters: 4/5
Narration: 4/5
Language & Grammar: 4/5
Final Rating: 4/5

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