All That Matters

Book Title: All That Matters

Author: Nidhi Srivastava\Srilakshmi

Format: Paperback

Book Title:The title of the book ‘All That Matters’ is descriptive and affirming.

Book Cover: The cover image of the book is a minimalist line drawing of two women, where one is drawn in white and other in red. The two colours depict the personalities of two women.

Plot: The story is about two young women who are perfect counterparts but hail from different economic and cultural backgrounds. Their fate makes them meet each other under unforeseen circumstances. Kaveri, the girl.from the village Paravat by the stroke of devastating conditions reaches the city of Mumbai and stay with her cousin Ananya. On the other hand Ananya is an urban girl with contrast lifestyle and life issues than Kaveri. One finds her love and the other loses.

Who found whom? Who lost whom? Did cupid strike his arrow correct? What play did their fortune play? Read this emotional story of two girl cousins.

My Review:Only a woman can understand another woman pain and grief. And especially when it comes to the matter of one’s heart, it is apparently true. The authors here Nidhi and Srilakshmi have exactly done the same. Portraying two women with different mindsets, grooming and lifestyles, the first time authors have given their readers a complete platter of emotions.

While we travel with Kaveri from Paravat to Mumbai, as readers we can feel that lost feeling while trying to settle down in an unknown place. After losing her mom and with a distorted family life the character of Kaveri is etched with self determination and courage to bounce back in life with one strong strand of her confidence in the taste of music. This is when a new life starts for her after she meets Aryan.

On the other hand, Ananya faces hardships in her lovelies with Lakshya because of some unexpected incidents that take place in his life. Ananya loses hope on life and looks for artificial and virtual ways to console herself, somewhere she starts missing the balance. Here is where a little more strength would have been given to her character. Nevertheless, the author’s have sketched her character with some lessons to be learnt on a sublime level

What I Like:

The different shades of love and belongingness is illustrated well

The chaos of strained relationship is described very practically.

Life lessons that are meant to be taught at some point of time are well explained.

What I didn’t Like:

There is nothing to be dislike as the story is well paced with ample amounts of entertainment.

Characters:All the characters in the story are plotted well with enough space and strength.

Narration: The narrative in which the story takes off and ends is one of the highlights.

Language & Grammar: Colloquial and easy vocabulary is used in the story.

My final verdict: An interesting tale of two women

Book Title: 4/5
Book Cover:4/5




Language & Grammar:4/5

Final Rating:4/5